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Leadership & Personal Development

To strive in our fast changing world full of uncertainty and ambiguity, resilience is key to keep going when everything around us is constantly changing. I coach people in building the emotional intelligence to become better leaders. I also support people and teams to better deal with organisational change and uncertainty, become more agile, evolve and reinvent themselves.

I became a leader by accident. In Taiwan I was offered a managing position in a global translation company because of my language skills, not my leadership experience. I was young, passionate and made a lot of mistakes. Since then I have led teams with and without formal authority for many years in various organisations. I have learned a lot and grown from my mistakes.

My own experienced is not unique. The most common struggles among new managers and experienced leaders fall under the same categories.

Team Meeting
​Conflict & friction among people

Conflict among people takes various forms and shapes - covert or overt. It could be backstabbing, power struggles and politics, or dealing with the Dunning-Kruger Effect etc. It happens on all levels, within teams, among peers, between yourself and your superior or team member. There will always be people, who are difficult to deal with.

Lack of accountability & trust

People don't always say what they do, neither do they always do what they say, they would do. That might be hard to believe or accept, but that's just how it is. The earlier you understand this, the better you will be prepared to deal with it.


Communication is key to maintaining strong working relationships. Transparent and open communication builds trust, which ultimately leads to boost in morale and increased productivity. The opposite is true, too. Lack of communication spreads fear and nurtures a toxic workplace culture. Being able to communicate effectively, with clarity and empathy will gain you respect and allow you to stay true to yourself.

Being respected and liked

The minute you become a leaders, things change. People start acting differently around you. People might even try to shoot you down. You aren’t always going to be liked. That is just life. Don’t get swayed by that, don't try to understand their reasons, just work to be kind and focused in your own communications.


Do any of these struggles resonate with you? Don't worry, it happens to the best of us. How you handle it, is what matters. Don’t let yourself go down into a spiral of self-pity or self-blame - don't fall into the black hole. Blaming others or a toxic culture for your struggles is not the easy way out. Owning and overcoming these challenges will instead help you grow as a person and stay true to yourself.

This is easier said than done, especially if you are under a lot of pressure to manage your own performance and career. There is no shame in getting help! Unfortunately there is no one-size-fits-all solution.


I will not tell you what to do, but I can support you in building the emotional intelligence and strengths to better deal with the struggles you are facing and find a solution that works best for you.

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