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Play to your Strengths

Michele Leadership Coach

I am driven by the desire to continuously learn and explore new ideas, as well as a passion for building bridges and helping individuals in better understanding and collaborating with one another. This has been the driving force behind my study of Asian languages, history, customs, and politics as well as business studies and behavioural science and the work I do.

I have an innate talent for figuring out how people, who are different can work together productively and am fascinated with optimizing all resources for achieving maximum productivity.
As an experienced Business Development Leader, I have a proven track record leading and coaching diverse, cross-cultural, and cross-functional teams of senior leaders.

As an accredited Leadership Coach and Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach I support leaders and teams in discovering their strengths, unlocking their full potential, breaking silos, and effectively guiding their teams towards success.
In our coaching sessions, I partner with you to gain greater self-awareness and confidence using your unique strengths to overcome barriers, make effective decisions, develop resilience, and lead high-performing teams. My coaching approach is strengths-based, goal-oriented and tailored to your needs. I am committed to being the coach you need to succeed.
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Coaching Packages

"Everyone needs a coach," said Bill Gates. No matter how successful you are, a coach can provide an outside perspective, revealing blind spots and help you grow. Explore my coaching packages for individuals and teams. Gain clarity about your talents, build resilience, and unlock your potential for success. Learn more HERE.

1:1 Mentor Coaching

Gain clarity about your innate talents, nurture your strengths, build resilience, and unlock your potential for success through personalised online sessions. This package includes your CliftonStrengths 24 profile and actionable insights to address challenges. Learn more here.

A Coach at Your Fingertips

Receive 6 hours of flexible individual online coaching. Benefit from unlimited access via email and timely, tailored support to tackle specific challenges.
Learn more here.


Elevate your team's dynamics and productivity. I help you find the tools and strategies to communicate effectively, unlock untapped potential, and lead your teams to success, fostering trust, inclusivity, and a fearless, positive, and supportive team dynamic.  Get in touch to design a program tailored to your needs. 

What client say


I have been working with Michèle for the past 6 months and I can highly recommend her as a professional coach. She builds connection and creates a very safe space for conversations to share and reflect on the life journey and its challenges. She made me feel understood and asked the right questions at the right time which helped me to deepen my self-awareness. Thank you for this amazing and valuable time!

Carmen Voney, Strategy & Transformation Lead, Roche

"Michèle war mir eine sehr grosse Stütze bei meiner beruflichen Neuorientierung. Sie hat mich an mehrere Möglichkeiten heran geführt und letztendlich geholfen eine Richtung einzuschlagen, die ich mir vorher nicht vorstellen konnte. Ihr Scharfsinn, Beobachtungsgabe und ihr professionelles und einfühlsames Coaching liessen mich eine weitere Perspektive meiner Selbstwahrnehmung erfahren, die mir persönlich half mich noch mehr auf meine Stärken zu konzentrieren. Dank ihr konnte ich mich gezielt und erfolgreich weiter entwickeln. Ein Coaching mit Michèle fühlt sich sehr vertraut an. Sie bringt eine gewisse Leichtigkeit und gleichzeitig doch eine Ernsthaftigkeit mit, die die Gespräche mit ihr nicht nur sehr angenehm sondern auch unglaublich wertvoll gemacht haben."

Adina Bialas, Category Manager, Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund, Schweiz

Where my clients work


Contact me

Book your session now through the contact form or reach out directly via e-mail to discuss how I can support you and your team. I look forward to connecting with you and beginning this journey together!

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