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Leading Through Change

With over 15 years of leadership and transformation experience in large multinational organisations and a lifetime of personal reinvention, I understand the challenges of leading diverse cross-cultural and cross-functional teams. I bring a unique perspective on business and leadership shaped by my own diverse background, education and experience.

As an experienced Leadership & Team Coach and Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach my mission is to support leaders and teams in discovering their strengths, realising their full potential, breaking silos, and effectively guiding their teams towards success.


I have an innate talent for figuring out how people, who are different can work together productively and can help you navigate the complexities of leading and thriving in teams of individuals from different backgrounds and cultures by providing you with the tools and strategies you need to communicate effectively, build trust, and foster a positive team dynamic.

Whether you are facing cultural differences, trying to bridge the gap between virtual and in-person teams or breaking cross-functional silos for better collaboration, I partner with you to achieve your goals and succeed as a leader.


My coaching approach is strengths-based, goal-oriented, and highly customisable. My commitment is to be the coach you need to succeed. Let's work together to improve your leadership skills, manage friction or conflict, and navigate complex organisational dynamics. Contact me today to explore how coaching can empower you to overcome challenges and realise your or your teams full potential. Let's embark on this transformational journey together. 


Are you facing any of these challenges? Then get in touch and learn more about me and what coaching can do for you today.

Leading high-performing teams to success

Elevate your team's dynamics and productivity. I help you find the tools and strategies to communicate effectively, unlock untapped potential, and lead your teams to success, fostering trust, inclusivity, and a fearless, positive, and supportive team dynamic. 

Thriving in a Fast-Paced Environment

In a fast-evolving business world, thriving amidst rapid change is critical. I'll help you develop skills you need to not just survive, but thrive in this fast-paced environment, to increase your visibility and recognition for your work, to prepare for a promotion or success in a new role, to achieve your career goals and enhance your productivity while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Let's work together to increase your adaptability and decisiveness.


Navigating Change with Confidence

Embracing change is essential in today's corporate landscape. I specialise in guiding you and your team through transitions with confidence. Together, we'll develop strategies to communicate the vision and benefits of the change to teams and stakeholders and navigate change seamlessly to ensure your leadership remains steady and your teams engaged. I help you identify strategies to make better and more sustainable decisions in times of uncertainty and change, that will have a positive impact, and ensure that new habits and change stick.


Understanding Cross-Cultural Leadership

Leading people from different backgrounds and cultures requires a unique set of leadership and cultural intelligence skills. With over 15 years of leadership experience in multinational corporations, I understand the intricacies of managing and working with diverse teams. As a cross-cultural leader myself, I help you find the tools and strategies to communicate effectively, unlock untapped potential, and lead your teams to success, bridge gaps in virtual and face-to-face teams, fostering trust, inclusivity, and a fearless, positive, and supportive team dynamic. My approach is enriched by my diverse background and personal journey of reinvention, offering a unique perspective on business and leadership.


Influencing, Persuasion and Negotiations

Influence is the cornerstone of effective leadership. Whether you're leading a team, driving a project, or negotiating a deal or budget, mastering the art of influence and persuasion is essential. Let me provide you with the insights and techniques to excel in these critical areas, have difficult and honest conversations and effectively manage teams and stakeholders at all levels.

What clients say

"In a very short period of time, Michèle has helped tremendously in looking inwards and reflecting on what might be holding me back. As a result I feel much more self-aware and cognizant of the subconscious barriers that were lurking in the background.

Michèle was able to achieve this by being my thinking partner, by adjusting the pace to my needs, by actively listening in a non-judgmental way and by building trust throughout.

I feel like my transformation journey is just beginning and I am very much looking forward to working with her through the next stages of this journey."

Mo D., Business Analyst, Financial Service Industry, Switzerland

"Michèle coached me on a work related issue when I was feeling stuck and overwhelmed. Her insightful questions made me think deeper and opened up new perspectives for me.

At times, I didn't want to answer her questions as I didn't want to admit my own limiting beliefs to myself. However, she patiently, and always with empathy and honesty, supported me as I made my own growth discovery. My coaching experience brought me to a better place in that particular issue which I couldn't have reached on my own.

I strongly recommend Michèle as a coach for her integrity and her passion in wanting her clients to tap into their highest potential."

Jenny Toh, Legal Counsel, Singapore



Book your session now through the contact form or reach out directly via e-mail to discuss how I can support you and your team. I look forward to connecting with you and beginning this journey together!


Thank you.

Looking forward to getting to know you!

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